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Activities | From First Light to Starlight

Bella Blast is an intensive fitness camp and an immersive wellness retreat. From first light to starlight, there are planned outdoor activities. Our unique Golden Goal location enables us to work out in both a sports park and a nature park. If total immersion is too intense, there are also Adirondack patios for socializing, a media lounge, and a recreation center. Please see our FAQS page or Get in Touch if you’d like more information.
Sample Activities
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Sunrise | Yoga

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Dawn | Walk or Jog

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VIIT Low Impact | Tone

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Obstacle Course

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Meadow | Yoga

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Dance Stretch

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VIIT Medium Impact | Plyometrics

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Turf Field | Soccer

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Field Music | Dance

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Grass Field | Earthing

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VIIT High Impact | Cardio

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Twilight | Nature Hike

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Evening | Bonfire Boogie

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Starlight | Meditation

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Menu | Nutritious + Delicious

On site, Bella Blast Fitness Camp has a commercial kitchen and a professional chef who looks forward to creating nutritious and delicious meals for you. Meals will consist of lean protein, lots of veggies, fresh fruit, and smart snacks. The healthy-portioned meals will be innovative and tasty, with options for vegetarians. Please visit our FAQS page or Get in Touch if you’d like a more detailed menu.
Sample Menu
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Blast Off | Fruit + Tea

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Breakfast | Veggie Omeltte

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Breakfast | Protein Smoothie

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Lunch | Coconut Curry

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Lunch | Quinoa Salad

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Snack | Fresh Fruit

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Dinner | Chicken + Veggies

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Dinner | Grilled Fish

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Night Cap | Tea

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Bella Blast Residential Camp is a unique combination of intensive fitness workouts at a sports camp and an immersive wellness retreat at a nature park. We've chosen the VIIT (Variable Intensity Interval Training) method. VIIT mixes high, medium and low impact exercises. Guests can participate at their own fitness level --- all at one private location, so you can focus and be the best you.